General OUE Guidelines for Student Employees

Student assistants (student employees) are important staff members in most OUE units. Each OUE unit is asked to:

  • maintain an updated Student Assistant Handbook (ideally, updated each semester) that outlines unit and GT policies, pay information, and related policies and procedures and processes for the unit. (see below for links to units’ handbooks); provide training and ensure students are familiar with this handbook and its contents, and can access it as needed
  • maintain emergency contact information for student assistants— as well as other relevant information (this should be maintained in a secure and accessible location)
  • provide training (and document this training) for all student employees on FERPA (required) as well as other Institute and unit policies. Completion of training should be documented
  • follow the common pay guidelines for student employees in OUE (LINK)
  • ensure that student employee timesheets are processed in accordance with GT and OUE deadlines (see timesheet deadlines here (LINK)
  • conduct regular evaluations of student employees, in a manner that is appropriate for the unit and the nature of the work
  • ensure any other Institute hiring and employment policies and guidelines are followed